Cleaning out the cobwebs


Geez, I’ve left this place unattended for a while – I guess I should post something of an update.

My viva has been and gone and I now hold a PhD, I sometimes wondered if it was worth all that time and effort when I could have been out in the real world making some money but now I have the degree and a nice postdoc position I’m very happy about it all. I guess that I’ll be much happier in this line of work than if I was working in a bank or as a code-monkey somewhere.

My postdoctoral work is investigating how anti-cancer pharmaceuticals interact with DNA, which obviously involves much larger systems than my PhD work. The ideas that we have also mean that I’ll be doing some coding, it’s ages since I’ve written anything so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ll try and post more regularly, but no promises!


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