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ACS now offering RSS feeds for journals

11 January, 2006

RSS has really changed the way I use the Internet, updates of my favourite sites are delivered at customisable intervals and it makes catching up with all the news (most decent forums offer RSS feeds now too) easy.

The good news is that the ACS are now offering RSS feeds of articles ASAP and the TOC alerts for all their journals.

If you’ve never used RSS before, there are some basic capabilites built into some browsers such as Firefox, but I personally find it much easier to use a dedicated aggregator (more like an email client than a web browser) – the following free (as in no money-cost) aggregators seem good to me:

Update: The ACS just don’t seem to get RSS. The feeds tend to get a couple of hundred entries per day, many of which are simple refreshes from the days previous – that’s very likely to cause me to hit the “mark” all as read button!