Intel Powerbooks


Those of you that know me will probably realise I’m a bit of an Apple fan – owning an iMac for almost a year now. Whilst everyone and their dog seems to have had an opinion about Apple’s switch to using Intel x86 based chips from IBM PPC’s I’ve never really sat down and wrote anything about it…

The event that’s prompted me to do this is several rumour sites suggesting that Intel based Powerbooks and iMacs could well be announced/available in January. I’ve been toying with the idea of replacing my Linux/Windows Toshiba laptop for a while now, with a Powerbook being one of the top candidates – moving to Intel just seems to sweeten the deal! Faster processors, possibility of dual booting with windows (for playing the odd game), and the availability of the Intel compilers all make for an attractive platform, especially as Apple laptops generally seem to be well engineered and actually look quite nice!

 From a quantum chemistry point of view the availability of the Intel compilers should mean software such as GAMESS and Gaussian should be quickly available for the platform (although perhaps not supported – hand-editing of the makefiles will probably be necessary).  I wonder how Intel will make the compilers available though, few people in the academic community seem to realise that the current Intel compilers on the “free” non-commercial license are not allowed to be used to research if you recieve a payment for your work.

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