Printing pdf’s


I thought that using pdf meant that you’d pretty much get the same results on any screen and any printer – I was wrong.

 I’ve got to the point where I’m printing out my PhD thesis when I’ve been bitten by this. Whilst writing my thesis I was using a HP Laserjet 1200 to print out drafts etc, and got all my images to look just the way I wanted them to on it. When I tried to print out a final copy on a HP Laserjet 4000 I found that the fonts within my images were severly messed up. I thought that it was probably my original eps images didn’t have the font embedded and this was casuing the problem. However, whilst I found that embedding the font did change the printed image, it was still far from correct!!

 I’ve now travelled 250 miles to get back to that trusty LJ 1200 and the correct print out – I guess I should reconsider the level of trust I place in PDF documents….

One Response to “Printing pdf’s”

  1. something Says:

    it’s not just PDF documents. You should reconsider the level of trust you place in anything Adobe puts out. The only Adobe app that I truly love is InDesign CS/CS2.

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